My History

My name : Wassem Al Hamwi - Syrian developer.

I was born in Damascus - Syria in 1999 & studied several programming languages in addition to my studies at the College of Engineering. In 2015, I decided to work on modifying the most important Android application "WhatsApp" under the name "WhatsApp Plus".

I also programmed a tool to control Android phones from the computer and it is called "Super Android Tool (S.A.T)", In addition to that I modified "Telegram" under the name "WSTelegram" but all of these projects were stopped at the beginning of 2018.

In the middle of 2019, I decided to return but with determination and experience more, so I updated my website in the hope that the beginning of something new different than before.

And at the request of followers, I am back to the modification of "WhatsApp" under the name "WhatsApp Pro", in addition to modifying the "Instagram" application under the name "Instagram Pro"

Finally, I would like to say, financial support is important for the continuation of any work, so I hope you will donate me a cup of coffee via PayPal, I hope you like my website and my applications, I am here to serve you.

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